What is Love?

What is love?
When I snatch a glimpse of her beauty,
My heart rushes like a hundred caged birds,
Tingles like electricity zipping through my body-
Is this infatuation?
I think about her everyday-but not every second.
Seeing her refreshes my soul but hasn’t become the well to quench this
Weary, desert traveler.
Then there’s Her.
Her red hair tangling my thoughts everyday as I try to stay sane
And hold my brain
After losing whatever I had for her.
She keeps coming back like that ole record, scratched,
Keeps playing the same damn melody over and over-
But it had to be the best part of the song, though.
Not that she cared for me,
As much as I knew,
Me, a gambler at the races betting
Against the dark horse,
Oh, lovely, lovely, dark horse!
I never understood Her, that one red-headed girl,
With her head in the clouds and her smile
A fire to warm me in the icy clutch of sable-coated night-
Why did she turn away from me?
Did she?
Oh Love, oh ignorance!


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