Grappling Hooks

The grappling hooks tore deep into my flesh,
Chunks of flesh flying as I was trying
To cut them away:
But they stayed.
And after the hooks sunk their fangs into me then the boarders came:
And they came and they came, and they came and they came and they came!
Meanwhile, I tried to resist-but shortly you could understand the gist-
Our numbers were far too few, and
Though courage was not lacking
My crew, the pirates were hacking,
And one by one they fell,
Mercilessly they were tossed into the black maw of the abyss.
Alas, at last I found myself alone.
Assuming they had won the fray
They cornered me on that fateful day,
Hoping myself they’d break or slay.
In that moment I buckled and broke:
For the sweet air I garbled and choked.
When finally I collapsed on the floor,
Brandishing blood-drunk swords they prepared to me gore.

…But that wasn’t meant to be my end,
Still more strength had I to spend,
And spend it I did like a lavish, young pop star,
Springing up from my blood I hacked them away,
With all my strength I kept them at bay.
I lashed out in fury like an untamed beast,
I shocked those fools, none to say the least,
With the little left in me I broke away from them,
Cutting away the hooks that abetted those crooks,
I made my own way, now that I had become new,
And if ever they happened to come,
They know what unmercilessly I’d do.


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