The Hapless Sun-worshiper

The Sun does not shine for me,
With Her cruel rays overwhelming the trees,
She bears down upon my shoulders.
As everything around me rejoices in the heat-
The Sun taxes me till I have nothing left
But a worn-out husk reminiscent of a devout worshipper.
Gone are the days of sunbasking,
Soaking up every last drop of that golden balm
Fondly called “Sunshine.”
And as I peer out from under my dark cloud
Hoping to fill my glass with the draught of the gods-
The tap runs dry, leaving me with nothing.

The Sun doesn’t shine for me,
O where, o where can I find nepenthe!
This lack of life racks my soul
And ushers in the somber, grey clouds of rain,
Clouds like morphine, killing my pain,
But too many of them drives me insane!
How does everyone keep themselves full,
Why are they always so drunk on the sun,
Is there naught left for me?!
Have I missed my last big break?
Oh, oh, You’re the source of my heartache!
I can remember a time when you made me drunk beyond compare,
I never minded if the people stared
-Ah, I found happiness there.
But alas, You left me in the void,
I envy the others as they get wasted,
For the Sun does not shine for me.


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