It’s nothing like it used to be,
Nothing like I’d hoped-
All the things I’ve dreaded to happen have sent me down a slippery
Slope- a hope seeming to be, lurking in the shadows of my heart,
A hope for change, from all that’s deranged-
now a blackness in my heart.
Like Venom, the creature, the beast, the brute,
It rises, overshadowing me, therein lies the root.
The root of all my pain and loss,
And all I wish to see again,
The Light to burn up the Frost.
It’s tendrils writhe, and its coils squirm,
Till in an instant I am entombed.
A deathless horror now inhabits me,
And there’s no hidden dagger to use,
To slay my foe,
Who wouldn’t you know,
Feeds off the darkness in me!

O! For a breathe of Freedom, nay, for life
outside the cold, sable door, my prison door,
A universe parallel to mine,
There, there that’s my hope!
To taste living waters, and climb Joyous Heights!
Through amber days, and twinkle diamond nights,
Where the trust runs free, like the children I see,
As they play, make merry, and …


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