Month: July 2014


Wassup! I’m terribly sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, my Papa’s dying of three different cancers so I’ve been helping my poor Nana stay afloat and not drown under the stress of preparing for life after he’s laid to rest. Anyways, it is the Fourth( or was when I wrote this,) and life is sucking right now, so enjoy!

Life is a war fought for peace.
A battle of bloody calamity for unblemished tranquility.
Endlessly upwards towards Parnassus
A war is waged without an end in sight
For all the world’s might is bent on the Right
Till they don’t know it’s wrong-
The essence of my song is that life goes on and on
And when we think that peace is coming it only means there is a respite
In the ravagings of death and pride, those
Eternal cronies,
And we can’t bear any more inside cause the hospital beds of our hearts are full with the wards we
Pick up on the battlefield as we march along, ordered by the masses we
See shuffling along beside us-
We do what we want when we want it
But that only breeds disunity that comes
On the edge of declivities
To the sharp rocks that await below-the collapse of civilization-
As if one nation could hold
The station of watchdog of the world with
It’s golden sword of liberty
Swaying aloft and unsullied by the
Blood of conflicts not its own. Whatever happened to
The Doctrine( Monroe turns and crumples to dust in his grave?)
Am I my brother’s keeper?
The Sempiternal question breeding misdirection as
Each tends to his own knitting or
Whatever seems fitting
To please his heart of stone,
A stone metamorphosed by the
Liquid Love hardening in the cruel oxygen of
This worlds hostile crime. Oh where did we wander off the path straight an
Narrow and become slaves to Pharoah!
Our pride has blinded us from the dangers of postmodernism, the drug for the diagnosis of realism,
Where we set up a million lights made of darkness-
we’re dwelling in a cave and
We keep bumping into the stalactites precariously hanging down above us,
Ready at a moment’s notice to impale us on the stalagmites below, a swift death demised by the mountain-builders of truth-rejection and lie-protection.